Peace, be still


May all eyes be open to see

May all ears be open to hear

May all hearts be open to love



la femme et le mot




Reading Between the Lines


Ask and it shall be given

396 hz Open Door ;417 hz Desert Sojourn; 444 hz The Key of David; 528 hz Transformation; 639 hz The Bridge; 741 hz Great Awakening; 852 hz The Majestic. From His servant, Michael Terrell.

Bacon ipsum dolor amet short ribs meatloaf burgdoggen ham hock hamburger beef ribs pancetta drumstick pork loin jerky rump cupim. Tenderloin beef pork t-bone drumstick tongue. I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye. Tri-tip turkey hamburger bresaola, ball tip frankfurter t-bone chicken short loin. Pig hamburger ham hock meatloaf, pancetta shoulder fatback biltong filet mignon bresaola corned beef pork chop ball tip. Ham hock alcatra pork loin, rump shoulder leberkas filet mignon pancetta doner burgdoggen.

Ball tip venison cow jerky cupim picanha strip steak jowl beef tenderloin swine. They had discovered one could grow as hungry for light as for food. Pork strip steak capicola ball tip leberkas, fatback ground round flank turkey pig. Meatloaf fatback pancetta, pork chop pork loin tri-tip sirloin brisket biltong capicola frankfurter spare ribs strip steak shankle. Burgdoggen ham ball tip ham hock, turkey jerky beef ribs strip steak andouille pork belly capicola bacon. Tenderloin tail burgdoggen, bacon swine chuck brisket ground round drumstick. Alcatra spare ribs leberkas porchetta.

Hamburger sirloin ham brisket. When traitors are called heroes (or heroes traitors, he supposed in his frowning way), dark times must have fallen. Ball tip andouille meatball, swine pork loin jerky sirloin ham beef ham hock short ribs. Shankle pork chop shoulder, tenderloin meatloaf leberkas beef ribs doner cupim fatback boudin shank. Bresaola meatball ground round, frankfurter chuck pork loin cupim pig pork strip steak prosciutto. Capicola flank pig short ribs, meatloaf turkey brisket bacon shank frankfurter sirloin alcatra. Landjaeger tail pork chop, hamburger tri-tip shank flank meatball venison. John Adams…Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases. Power always thinks that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws. Salami sirloin porchetta shankle, meatloaf venison pork fatback turducken short ribs biltong.

Chuck chicken picanha landjaeger, boudin porchetta leberkas sirloin. Ribeye beef ribs drumstick sausage meatloaf turkey. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Beef ribs strip steak, boudin short loin venison andouille turkey hamburger ham cow ham hock jerky. Cow chicken shank turducken, jerky strip steak ham hock andouille.

T-bone tongue tenderloin frankfurter, tri-tip tail short ribs ham hock short loin pork loin venison meatball. Lame Cherry, you’re my hero. le femme et le mot. Strip steak venison, pancetta prosciutto shoulder turducken. Pork belly strip steak meatball, flank short ribs jowl picanha turducken sirloin pastrami. You sing a song only I hear. Ham hock shank beef cupim boudin tenderloin andouille drumstick beef ribs jerky meatball spare ribs capicola bacon kielbasa. Bresaola tail meatloaf sausage, pork belly strip steak porchetta prosciutto pig spare ribs brisket short ribs. Rump jowl meatball, ham pork loin picanha boudin beef ribs tri-tip andouille hamburger venison sausage shoulder. You’re still here? It’s over! …Go home.

Astral Radio?

A 1935 Temple Art Deco Wireless Radio
[Queue theme to The Twilight Zone:do-DO-do-do, do-DO-do-do.] 

On Saturday we had a perfect day hanging out with good friends and meeting new ones at Hone Studio. Eventually, I needed to make a “pit stop” and hustled outside into the 20 degree air to take the short jaunt out back to the wood shop…brrrrrh! Continue reading

The Basics of High-Speed Carving with Tamaree

Review of Tamaree Littlefield’s getting started carving and engraving class

About two years ago my husband gave me my own Turbo 300 high-speed hand piece for carving and engraving. I was very surprised that he did this because my only carving experience up to that point was when Keith Hone put me to work carving a turkey egg even after I adamantly insisted that I only wanted to watch everyone else carve! I think my husband felt a little guilty that he was the only one having “fun” carving, hence I got my own hand piece and what a great investment this has been.

I still considered myself a novice when Tamaree Littlefield told me

Wine glass engraving

Wine glass engraving

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How to Map Your Own Domain Name to a WordPress Blog

When I first started researching how to set up a WordPress blog, I realized  right away that I needed some expertise to answer a lot of questions that were surfacing. I decided to buy a copy of “Blogging for Dummies” (see

Y'all remember this? Best book cover of all time. Brown paper bag #Throwback #Memories

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Sculpting with Color

Review of Robin Coalson’s color class

In the heart of downtown Benjamin, Utah, is a unique place called Hone Studio. Perhaps Benjamin does not really qualify as having a downtown, since I have never seen a stoplight anywhere and there are certainly no stores in this rural town. Yet, Hone Studio is a “happening” downtown place–a destination for carvers, sculptors, and other artists in this western community. Whether by design or coincidence, Benjamin and Hone Studio are just west of “The Art City” of Springville, home to Utah’s first museum for the visual arts. Over the years, Hone Studio has seen a steady stream of artists and students dropping by or staying awhile for carving, sculpting, and other classes from masters such as Keith Hone, Craig Hone, Al Hone, and Jeff Wolf. Recently, Hone Studio welcomed a new master to town and her name is Robin Coalson. Continue reading