Peace, be still


May all eyes be open to see

May all ears be open to hear

May all hearts be open to love



la femme et le mot




Reading Between the Lines


Ask and it shall be given

396 hz Open Door ;417 hz Desert Sojourn; 444 hz The Key of David; 528 hz Transformation; 639 hz The Bridge; 741 hz Great Awakening; 852 hz The Majestic. From His servant, Michael Terrell.

Bacon ipsum dolor amet short ribs meatloaf burgdoggen ham hock hamburger beef ribs pancetta drumstick pork loin jerky rump cupim. Tenderloin beef pork t-bone drumstick tongue. I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye. Tri-tip turkey hamburger bresaola, ball tip frankfurter t-bone chicken short loin. Pig hamburger ham hock meatloaf, pancetta shoulder fatback biltong filet mignon bresaola corned beef pork chop ball tip. Ham hock alcatra pork loin, rump shoulder leberkas filet mignon pancetta doner burgdoggen.

Ball tip venison cow jerky cupim picanha strip steak jowl beef tenderloin swine. They had discovered one could grow as hungry for light as for food. Pork strip steak capicola ball tip leberkas, fatback ground round flank turkey pig. Meatloaf fatback pancetta, pork chop pork loin tri-tip sirloin brisket biltong capicola frankfurter spare ribs strip steak shankle. Burgdoggen ham ball tip ham hock, turkey jerky beef ribs strip steak andouille pork belly capicola bacon. Tenderloin tail burgdoggen, bacon swine chuck brisket ground round drumstick. Alcatra spare ribs leberkas porchetta.

Hamburger sirloin ham brisket. When traitors are called heroes (or heroes traitors, he supposed in his frowning way), dark times must have fallen. Ball tip andouille meatball, swine pork loin jerky sirloin ham beef ham hock short ribs. Shankle pork chop shoulder, tenderloin meatloaf leberkas beef ribs doner cupim fatback boudin shank. Bresaola meatball ground round, frankfurter chuck pork loin cupim pig pork strip steak prosciutto. Capicola flank pig short ribs, meatloaf turkey brisket bacon shank frankfurter sirloin alcatra. Landjaeger tail pork chop, hamburger tri-tip shank flank meatball venison. John Adams…Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases. Power always thinks that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws. Salami sirloin porchetta shankle, meatloaf venison pork fatback turducken short ribs biltong.

Chuck chicken picanha landjaeger, boudin porchetta leberkas sirloin. Ribeye beef ribs drumstick sausage meatloaf turkey. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Beef ribs strip steak, boudin short loin venison andouille turkey hamburger ham cow ham hock jerky. Cow chicken shank turducken, jerky strip steak ham hock andouille.

T-bone tongue tenderloin frankfurter, tri-tip tail short ribs ham hock short loin pork loin venison meatball. Lame Cherry, you’re my hero. le femme et le mot. Strip steak venison, pancetta prosciutto shoulder turducken. Pork belly strip steak meatball, flank short ribs jowl picanha turducken sirloin pastrami. You sing a song only I hear. Ham hock shank beef cupim boudin tenderloin andouille drumstick beef ribs jerky meatball spare ribs capicola bacon kielbasa. Bresaola tail meatloaf sausage, pork belly strip steak porchetta prosciutto pig spare ribs brisket short ribs. Rump jowl meatball, ham pork loin picanha boudin beef ribs tri-tip andouille hamburger venison sausage shoulder. You’re still here? It’s over! …Go home.

The Synchronicity of Lame Cherry

How did you do that LAME CHERRY? I know it wasn’t you personally, but you are part of this synchronicity story. And by the way, when do we get to find out who are you?

I keep getting signs. And, I’m not asking for them. Well, not consciously anyway. And, here’s a really big one.

Those of you who know me, know I rarely post. So, you will have to bear with me, because it is a rather long story, but I promise you it is worth it. And, I’m going to jump around a bit, and I’m going to start a lot of sentences with “and” and my tenses are probably not consistent, but I don’t care, because I just need to get this out there.

It all started with books on tape. I have been listening to Audible recordings for well over a year now, usually while driving to and from work. I listen to mostly fiction, but occasionally history. See my previous synchronicity story I wrote on August 18, 2016.

On a whim I bought the audio version of The Word of Promise Complete Audio Bible: New King James Version probably over six months ago. It’s on my bucket list: Read the Bible before you kick the bucket.

Of course, I’m familiar with most of the content. Growing up Mormon, one is exposed to the Bible through study and church seminary. But I’m no longer a church goer, preferring the church of nature. I’ve never read the entire Bible from cover to cover in one stretch. How would I feel now at this time in my life about such stories as Cain and Abel, the tower of Babel, Noah, and Moses. I consider myself open minded about nearly all religious beliefs. Some things do resonate more with me, especially eastern wisdom such as the Tao Te Ching, the listening inwardness of Buddhist thought, or the mysteries of near-death experiences, etc. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I have not pursued learning about the many spiritual paths.

Every time I finished an audio book I would peruse my purchased Audible titles and there it was bugging me again…The Bible, and grief, it’s 90 hours! That’s quite a long commitment, but it is nothing unusual for me to read an 8-book fictional series, at 30 to 40 hours per book. I even went so far as to grab some Audible titles off my husband’s account to avoid the inevitable trek through the Bible. I had made a commitment to listen to the Bible at some time, but arghhhhh! Not now!

Finally, something stirred a few weeks ago and one morning I jumped in and began listening to The Bible. I am ashamed to admit that it was easier to just push the play button on The Bible than to look for a delicious title. Reading The Bible this time, it felt very different to reacquaint myself with the stories I had discovered as a child and as a teen, when I never questioned, just accepted everything as truth for the most part. Now, I had to admit, the story of Noah seemed child-like in its naivety, but perhaps more contemplation is needed for me to “get it.” I have to ask, what is this all about? Obi-wan, the rational mind is strong with this one!

Let me back up to a few nights ago. The current U.S. presidential race is about the most stressful thing this country has encountered lately. Surfing the web one night after work I clicked through to an article condemning the racist Israelis, Zionists, and how they think they are the chosen people, what makes them think they are better than everyone else on the planet? What the…? Click…don’t need to read that. Do people see this hatefulness as truth? Not going there. It just seemed hate filled from the first sentence.

Fast forward to last night. I have a fun workout with a friend and afterward I tell her about this kind of kooky, interesting Lame Cherry blog I’ve been reading and chewing on for years, and especially during this election cycle as it appears to me that he is in the know about what is going on with the Clintons and Mr. Trump. Perhaps this is from previous work and intelligence connections he must have.

Later I head home from an errand and on the way home I continue listening to the story of Moses, the leader of the children of Israel, trying to get Pharaoh to let his people go. As you all know, it is a pretty tiresome process, with Moses calling down the wrath of God time and time again against the Egyptians, and Pharaoh promising to let them go time and time again. The Egyptians are forced to suffer numerous afflictions that Pharaoh was entirely at liberty to stop and then he ludicrously changes his mind and will not bend and let the children of Israel go free. Internal dialogue: What was this unrelenting struggle all about? Is there something underlying theme to explain this unending struggle? I’m getting a bit bored and restless…am I home yet? Good grief! What is wrong with that man, what a lunk head Pharaoh was! What does it take to convince Pharaoh that this God is all powerful and it is in his best interests and that of the people of Egypt to just let the children of Israel go! Good grief! Just let them have their freedom. We all know the story.  Well, by the time I pulled in my driveway I was ready to be done with listening to all the afflictions of this never ending struggle. Whew, just go in, eat dinner, and relax…read a bit about stuff going on with the presidential race and call it a night.

That was not to be however, because, you know. . . the internet. You never know what you’re going to get–boring, stimulating, cheerful, hilarious, scary, etc. Last night it was jarring, quite literally earth shaking and I could not stop shaking as I was reading and listening. I couldn’t believe I was one of the first ones hearing and watching this unfold through the social media outlets. The tension in my body raced from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. The exposé of what was coming down had me trembling, not in fear, but in absolute astonishment of what was happening. This is history. This is what will be talked about for generations to come. The fall of the corrupt.  Here is one video: The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

For the last few months, it’s been nothing but internet headlines of “This will do Hillary in” etc. etc. etc. and like the energizer bunny nothing is stopping this pathetic woman’s quest. She and Bill are like Teflon. We ALL know she is corrupt. Even the Dems claiming to love the woman, know she is corrupt and are putting up the blinders in a staggering denial of epic proportions. But as many are now beginning to hear, this is about our most precious gift—the children–and the Clinton connection to a horrible, nightmare that is the vilest abuse of our children. Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies have had enough. They have our back and all will soon be revealed.

By this time I can’t take any more of this and I want the trembling to just stop. Whew, go to bed and try to sleep (11-1-2016).

The next morning on 11-2-2016, I start up the car and while waiting for the windows to clear from the first frost of the season, I realize that I have reached the arc of the story between God, Moses and Pharaoh. Thank goodness, no more of the unrelenting struggle. But then the last and final consequence of Pharaoh’s stubbornness is, of course, God’s promise to the children of Israel that he will pass over their houses in the night, slaying only the first born child of the Egyptians … the precious children. But this promise is on the condition that they do as commanded and stay in their homes all night, wiping their door frames with the sacrificial blood as a sign.

After the sorrow of this dreadful night where some children were slain and some were spared, there is considerable detail concerning the covenant made between God and the children of Israel to always remember that he spared their children and passed over them because they did as God commanded. I’m going to go back and listen carefully to this part again, as the protection given is passed down through the generations, meaning it is our promise too. I do recall the commandment to the children of Israel to prepare the unleavened bread, as in their haste to leave Egypt they are not going to have what they are used to. They are commanded to carry on an observance of the Passover through each succeeding generation, including a tradition with the unleavened bread.

…And then, I’m pulling in to work and have to stop listening and get busy for a few hours…

Fast forward to lunch time. Figuring I can check on a few blogs and videos during lunch, the first I check out is one of my favorites, Lame Cherry.

(And, by the way, who are you Lame Cherry? Sometimes you are so cryptic I can’t fathom what you are saying, and other times I don’t know quite know what to think about the shocking or vulgar language, and other times the message is so spiritual that I wonder if you are even the same person writing this blog every day. Yes, an enigma for sure and a flash of de ja vu for me as I write this for some reason.)

Those of you who are following WikiLeaks are aware that something big is going down on November 5th. But right now, let’s look at what Lame Cherry posted this day at 10:05 on the morning of November 2, 2016:

“The Passing Over of November 5th”

Whoa! This is unreal, I am stunned! As he always does, Lame Cherry places a picture as a header before the message. The picture is a glass of wine and crackers (the unleavened bread), and the article is, of course, about the Passover. And I’m dumbfounded and just crying, crying, crying as I can’t believe… and yet I can believe… a synchronicity so powerful there are no words.

Now, you are ready to read the Lame Cherry blog post.

As Lame Cherry says, this Saturday, November 5th would be a good time for all to observe the Passover after sunset… in whatever manner works for you. We all now know (or will shortly know) what really is at stake.

Astral Radio?

A 1935 Temple Art Deco Wireless Radio
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The Basics of High-Speed Carving with Tamaree

Review of Tamaree Littlefield’s getting started carving and engraving class

About two years ago my husband gave me my own Turbo 300 high-speed hand piece for carving and engraving. I was very surprised that he did this because my only carving experience up to that point was when Keith Hone put me to work carving a turkey egg even after I adamantly insisted that I only wanted to watch everyone else carve! I think my husband felt a little guilty that he was the only one having “fun” carving, hence I got my own hand piece and what a great investment this has been.

I still considered myself a novice when Tamaree Littlefield told me

Wine glass engraving

Wine glass engraving

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When I first started researching how to set up a WordPress blog, I realized  right away that I needed some expertise to answer a lot of questions that were surfacing. I decided to buy a copy of “Blogging for Dummies” (see

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Sculpting with Color

Review of Robin Coalson’s color class

In the heart of downtown Benjamin, Utah, is a unique place called Hone Studio. Perhaps Benjamin does not really qualify as having a downtown, since I have never seen a stoplight anywhere and there are certainly no stores in this rural town. Yet, Hone Studio is a “happening” downtown place–a destination for carvers, sculptors, and other artists in this western community. Whether by design or coincidence, Benjamin and Hone Studio are just west of “The Art City” of Springville, home to Utah’s first museum for the visual arts. Over the years, Hone Studio has seen a steady stream of artists and students dropping by or staying awhile for carving, sculpting, and other classes from masters such as Keith Hone, Craig Hone, Al Hone, and Jeff Wolf. Recently, Hone Studio welcomed a new master to town and her name is Robin Coalson. Continue reading