Astral Radio?

A 1935 Temple Art Deco Wireless Radio
[Queue theme to The Twilight Zone:do-DO-do-do, do-DO-do-do.] 

On Saturday we had a perfect day hanging out with good friends and meeting new ones at Hone Studio. Eventually, I needed to make a “pit stop” and hustled outside into the 20 degree air to take the short jaunt out back to the wood shop…brrrrrh! I shivered my way across the path in the parking lot and flung open the door to the office area. Just a step or two inside, I heard the soft sound of a radio playing somewhere. I thought, “Now, that is interesting.” No one was using the shop through the winter as it was obviously winterized (this was evidenced by the wall of plastic sheeting stapled between the main shop floor and the restroom area in an effort to keep the heated space small). Five or six steps later, the music from the radio had almost faded away completely, along with my fleeting thought that this was somehow a rather odd occurrence in the vacant shop.

Later that day, friend Robin Coalson asked if anyone had heard music while walking through the wood shop. My jaw dropped as I recalled the music I had heard that morning coming from a radio somewhere in the vacant shop. Robin then went on to describe what she thought was an old radio playing 1940’s music, something like Bugle Boy of Company B, or big band. I could not pinpoint any particular type of music as I heard such a short sample, but we stood there awed and mystified by the…ummmm…Astral Radio ?!?!?!

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound…you’ve just crossed over into The Twilight Zone.” Rod Serling

2 thoughts on “Astral Radio?

  1. Peggy,
    Your Blog Site looks amazing.
    Really like the way you have utilized The Twenty Eleven Theme.
    I really like the layout of your site, very elegant.
    How did you get the snow flakes to fall on your home page?
    It is so cool how the flakes move around as you move your cursor to the right, then left, diagonally, then straight down.
    Enjoyed your story of the Astral Radio.
    There is something interesting when the door to the imagination is unlocked.
    Keep creating!!

  2. Thanks Rod!
    I am glad you like the blog design. It took quite a while to get this right. I originally started with Twenty-Eleven, and then probably went through six or seven themes over the next year trying to make it work like I wanted (and not posting anything I might add…that was how fussy I was about the look). Then, it was back to Twenty-Eleven and I was finally able to figure out how to give it this look.
    As I recall, WordPress makes the snow happen automatically every December. However, I did find where they put the on/off switch. If you go to the Dashboard/Settings/General, scroll to the bottom, there is a check box to turn “Snow” on or off.
    You are certainly right about opening the door to imagination. I’ve been puzzling about the radio, and humming ever since with new art project ideas since last Saturday.

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