The Basics of High-Speed Carving with Tamaree

Review of Tamaree Littlefield’s getting started carving and engraving class

About two years ago my husband gave me my own Turbo 300 high-speed hand piece for carving and engraving. I was very surprised that he did this because my only carving experience up to that point was when Keith Hone put me to work carving a turkey egg even after I adamantly insisted that I only wanted to watch everyone else carve! I think my husband felt a little guilty that he was the only one having “fun” carving, hence I got my own hand piece and what a great investment this has been.

I still considered myself a novice when Tamaree Littlefield told me

Wine glass engraving

Wine glass engraving

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First wood carving project

This is a low relief carving on walnut (under 1/2″ in depth) using an air-driven, high-speed carver. With this project I learned a lot about wood, grain, and different types of burs. Thanks to Craig Hone for his guidance. Also, thanks to Tamaree for being the eye model!copy-cropped-carved-lady-1278w-833-h-e1385422080132.jpg