First wood carving project

This is a low relief carving on walnut (under 1/2″ in depth) using an air-driven, high-speed carver. With this project I learned a lot about wood, grain, and different types of burs. Thanks to Craig Hone for his guidance. Also, thanks to Tamaree for being the eye model!copy-cropped-carved-lady-1278w-833-h-e1385422080132.jpg

Sculpting with Color

Review of Robin Coalson’s color class

In the heart of downtown Benjamin, Utah, is a unique place called Hone Studio. Perhaps Benjamin does not really qualify as having a downtown, since I have never seen a stoplight anywhere and there are certainly no stores in this rural town. Yet, Hone Studio is a “happening” downtown place–a destination for carvers, sculptors, and other artists in this western community. Whether by design or coincidence, Benjamin and Hone Studio are just west of “The Art City” of Springville, home to Utah’s first museum for the visual arts. Over the years, Hone Studio has seen a steady stream of artists and students dropping by or staying awhile for carving, sculpting, and other classes from masters such as Keith Hone, Craig Hone, Al Hone, and Jeff Wolf. Recently, Hone Studio welcomed a new master to town and her name is Robin Coalson. Continue reading