To contact me, send an email to: peggyleestringfellowstudio@gmail. My gmail address includes my full first name.

My mother, who passed away in 2013, was one of those precious people in my life who apparently tried quite successfully to instill a love of art in me at an early age. Although I have made my living in the business world with a focus around writing, project management, and training, my interests have always been art and design. The universe has continued to nudge me gently to reawaken my first passion. When my husband got me interested in carving, it led me to start drawing again. This is something I stopped doing after high school (hand palm to forehead!!).

I am not afraid of hard work when it comes to pursuing this dream of awakening the artist. This blog is dedicated to that pursuit. Although this is my “Studio” page, I would not be where I am today without that wonderful guy, my husband Warren, and I will be sharing my art projects as well as our creative journey together. Along the way I suspect there will probably be the occasional gardening story, remodeling headache story, or travel story because that is all part of the incredible tapestry of life.

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