M’Lady Wanted a Rose Garden

What I am up to right now? An art project, of course! This is a rose study I just finished using the 5-Pencil Method (no blending stumps allowed!).

M'Lady Wanted a Rose Garden

M’Lady Wanted a Rose Garden

 Although this realistic drawing and shading method took me quite a while for a first project, I am pleased with the results. Now, I’m working on how to capture a better digital image. This photo was done with a Samsung 8 megapixel phone camera, so that may be part of the issue, but the other problem is undoubtedly the indoor florescent lighting that seems to wash out the detail. On the plus side, the bad lighting seems to give it a vintage, botanical drawing feel. Some suggestions I have received from a few art friends are to use natural, outdoor light. I think I will work on the lighting issue…ha! ha!…when it stops snowing here!

My next art project using graphite on paper…[drumroll]…a portrait of a face…I have several in mind (another one of my “go big or go home” ideas)!


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