First wood carving project

This is a low relief carving on walnut (under 1/2″ in depth) using an air-driven, high-speed carver. With this project I learned a lot about wood, grain, and different types of burs. Thanks to Craig Hone for his guidance. Also, thanks to Tamaree for being the eye model!copy-cropped-carved-lady-1278w-833-h-e1385422080132.jpg

3 thoughts on “First wood carving project

    • Thanks Rod! I started with the 699 to put the initial outline in, of course. From there most of the rough out was done with either a round carbide or a small diamond football. I know I did use sanding sticks to do some manual smoothing. However, lately I have been using the marvelous green stones (football shaped) for smoothing areas on an egg project I’m working on. I’m looking to get some white stones from +Tamaree Littlefield as they are even finer grit for a polishing effect. You have to turn down RPM’s to 20 or the medium will burn with a stone. Now I’m wanting to go back to this wood carving and work on a few areas with the green stone. I’ll have to look at my bits to tell you what I used on the facial features since it has been a while since I worked on this.

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